Criterios para planificación del uso de la tierra en los Llanos Orientales colombianos, basado en unidades de paisaje. Estudio de caso: Municipio de Puerto López, Projecto conjunto PE-4 y PE-2 uri icon


  • This article presents criteria and recommendations to support the landuse planning process in the savanna land ecosystem of the municipality of Puerto Lopez. These criteria were established from the analysis and correlation of the characteristics of the landscape and soils, taking in consideration biophysical and management aspects. They are expressed as limitations and potentialities for the crops, agroforestal production and conservation, and are given for the different geomorphological positions. The methodology included the overview and conceptual discussion of terms related to the planning of the landuse. Images of the LANDSAT TM and RADARSAT satellites were used, from which the landscape units were delimited. The soil data were used to characterize each landscape unit and fieldwork was conducted to refine the relationships between soil and landscape, take georeferenced soil observations, determine present landuse and management practices. The results appear in the map accompanied with tables of characteristics and limitations for each identified landscape unit

publication date

  • 1999