Brachiaria decumbens en el Caquetá: adopción y uso en ganadería de doble propósito uri icon


  • By focusing on the free use and dissemination of Brachiaria decumbens in dual-purpose farms in Caquetá, Colombia, it was hoped to generate and disseminate other pasture germplasm. The existing technology, using B. decumbens, has certain restrictions that must be overcome with appropriate research and development activities. The document analyzes the role of improved-pasture technology in regional development, and gives a general description of Caquetá`s piedmont ecosystem. The characteristics of the dual-purpose system and implications of research results are also discussed. Current research activities are oriented toward diversifying existing germplasm, recovering degraded pasture areas, and understanding pasture constraints during the rainiest season. New cultivars and pasture management methods should be developed that are compatible with the region`s agroecological conditions and the resources of farmers growing B. decumbens. (CIAT)

publication date

  • 1990