Anilisis economico de un ensayo de fertilizacion en yuca uri icon


  • In May 1980 the soil section of CIAT's cassava program established a fertilization trial with 3 cassava var. (Barranquena (regional), M Col 113, and CMC 921 to measure its effect on yield and establish optimum levels from an economical point of view. The trial took place in Mondomito and Agua Blanca, municipality of Santander de Quilichao, Cauca (Colombia). Twelve levels of NPK (0-0- 0; 0-100-100; 50-100-100; 100-100-100; 200-100-100; 100-0-100; 100- 50-100; 100-200-100; 100-100-0; 100-100-50; 100-100-200; 200-200- 200) were applied. Partial budgeting was used for the economic analysis. The highest income was reached with M Col 113 in the 100- 100-200 treatment and the lowest income with CMC 92 in the check treatment. Tables and diagrams with the variable costs and clear profits corresponding to each treatment are given. (CIAT)

publication date

  • 1983