Arroz rojo en Colombia: comportamiento y riesgos uri icon


  • Red rice in Colombia: Performance and risks The types of red rice (Oryza sativa L.) found in rice fields in Colombia are described, as well as their performance and the main practices contributing to their dissemination. Several control measures are proposed. In many countries red rice is one of the most aggressive weeds affecting cultivated rice, causing significant yield losses, affecting grain quality, and increasing production costs. Studies conducted on this type of rice indicate that several practices promoting its dissemination include monocropping, planting of noncertified seed, use of machinery contaminated with the weed?s seed, and inadequate management due to lack of understanding of red rice biology and performance. In several countries, such as Colombia, other factors escalate the problem of red rice: the size of rice fields (most 50% of the rice fields are managed without professional assistance)

publication date

  • 2010