Integrated rainwater management strategies in the Blue Nile Basin of the Ethiopian highlands: landscape study and identification of interventions. (Abstract only) uri icon


  • The present paper focuses on integrated rainwater management strategies-technologies, institutions and policies for the Ethiopian highlands of the Blue Nile Basin. Three districts namely; Jeldu, Fogera and Diga have been identified for the study based on study landscapes representing dominant hydro-ecologies and farming systems, and nested sets of sites for learning and research at a variety of physical and social scales. One action research catchment was identified for each district as follows: Meja watershed (96km2) in Jeldu, Dapo watershed (18km2) in Diga and, Mizewa watershed (27km2) in Fogera. The work includes detail analysis of landscape conditions and community interviews to understand local perceptions with regards to efficient land and water management practices and possible water and land management interventions. Therefore with knowledge gained from existing land and water management practices and incorporating community perceptions, preliminary rainwater management interventions that need to be practiced in the three action research catchments are recommended. It is anticipated that successful interventions in the study means improved livelihood for the local poor and basin wide policy formulation

publication date

  • 2011