Effect of CryIIa transgenic chickpeas to Helicoverpa armigera larval parasitoid, Campoletis chlorideae uri icon


  • The current experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of transgenic chickpea lines expressingCryIIa to C. chlorideae under laboratory conditions. There was a significant reduction in cocoonformation and adult emergence of C. chlorideae reared on H. armigera larvae fed on the leaves oftransgenic chickpea before and after parasitisation. The larval period was prolonged and was a significantdifference between the transgenic and nontransgenic chickpea lines was observed. Although the pupalperiod of the parasitoid was prolonged, there were no significant differences between the transgenic andnontransgenic chickpea lines. The adverse effects of transgenic chickpea lines on cocoon formation andadult emergence of C.chlorideae were largely due to the early mortality of H.armigera larvae, but therewas no direct toxicity of Bt toxin protein to C. chlorideae. The amount of CryIIa protein transferred fromleaves to the non-target insects and natural enemies were negligible

publication date

  • 2017