The rise in Climate-Smart Agriculture strategies,policies, partnerships and investments acrossthe globe uri icon


  • Since the term ?climate-smart agriculture? (CSA) was coinedin 2010, a growth in strategies, policies, partnerships andinvestments in the area has been observed. Here we havesummarised key CSA efforts globally and in South Asia,Southeast Asia, East Africa, West Africa, and Latin America. Wehave interpreted CSA in the broad sense, including effortswhich may not mention CSA but implicitly contribute to CSApillars. We note that many international and regionalorganisations, and countries, are implementing policies andprogrammes promoting and upscaling CSA. While the growthin strategies, policies, partnerships and investments is positiveand creates a favourable enabling environment for CSA, theseneed to be complemented with targeted implementation onthe ground, sustainable financing, institutional coordinationand metrics to measure the efficacy of interventions

publication date

  • 2017