Assessing the post-harvest constraints in smallholders? groundnut production: A Survey in central Malawi uri icon


  • An in-depth scoping survey was conducted on 248 smallholder farmers producing groundnut in Malawi todelineate the constraints in production, especially on-farm post-harvest operations, while revealing variousaspects in the status of production and consumption practices. The insightful outcomes included thefarmers? perception of the post-harvest operations as highly labor demanding, being the major obstacle toproduction expansion for the lucrative and nutritious crop. In particular, shelling, lifting, and stripping werethe top three processes of remarkable labor intensity. The respondents expressed the intention for scale-upas long as the labor constraints were mitigated, with expected welfare gain through increased income,improved nutrition, and reduced aflatoxin contamination, as well as mitigated drudgery for women

publication date

  • 2016