Natural Chemical Degradation of Soils in the Indian Semi-Arid Tropics and Remedial Measures uri icon


  • Most published research on soil degradation in generalemphasizes the role of anthropogenic factors.Even among the natural soil degradation processes theregressive pedogenic processes that lead to the formationof CaCO3 and concomitant development of subsoilsodicity and the adverse effects of palygorskite onthe soils of the semi-arid tropics (SAT), have receivedlittle global attention as the natural processes ofchemical degradation of soils. Studies in India duringthe last two decades, however, have demonstrated theimportant role of regressive pedogenic processes innatural degradation of major soil types in the IndianSAT regions. The present article summarizes the researchon natural degradation of soils in the IndianSAT. The management practices to reclaim the degradedsoils are also discussed with examples

publication date

  • 2016