Overview of pigeonpea research in Myanmar uri icon


  • Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.)Millsp.) is the third most important pulse inMyanmar. Aberrant weather and climaticabnormalities significantly reduced the cropproductivity in present-day rain-fedagriculture. Adoption of location-specificshort and medium duration varieties as wellas hybrids are needed to improve livelihoodof vulnerable small holders.Monywashwedingar is a popular varietywhich has been selected by using pedigreemethod from naturally out-crossing locallandraces. In 2013, ICPH 2433 (2507 kgha-1)showed 62.41% yield superiority overstandard check, Yezin-3. In 2014, ICPA2039 x Line-25 (2239 kgha-1) exhibited 57%yield superiority over ICPL 88039. Thesefindings showed the prospects in enhancingthe productivity of pigeonpea in Myanmar

publication date

  • 2016