Measuring Sustainable Intensification of Agricultural Productivity in Semi-Arid Tropics (SAT) of India ? Case studies Synthesis Report uri icon


  • The very concept of sustainable intensification involves synthesis of two opposite forces. Intensification relates to the more intensive use of inputs to enhance the yields further. Sustainability looks at the longer term productivity of resources like land and water, which by its nature, applies brakes on the efforts to increase production by intensifying the use of inputs due to the fear that they may adversely impair the longer term productivity and resource quality/quantity. There may be a limited scope for increasing the use of inputs for realizing higher yields without impairing the longer term productivity of the critical resources. Sustainable intensification precisely looks at these limited opportunities. Over time, many researchers and institutions have used different contexts to define these terms. Very few researchers have attempted to systematically measure them on ground with selected cropping systems. The present study tried to use innovative approaches for generating profound evidences on sustainable intensification in semi-arid tropics of India with three dominant cropping systems located in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra states. The results are summarized in three case studies for better brevity of results and comparison

publication date

  • 2016