Role of Social Networks in Adoption of Technology and Empowerment of Women: Sociological Evidences from Village-level Studies uri icon


  • There is abundant literature and information produced regarding social networks and the specificroles that women play in these networks and benefits they receive through them. However, much isleft to be explored and understood on the role of social networks in increasing women's and men'saccess to resources and opportunities, and to establish means to map and measure them and howthey are gendered. Another important step is to identify how social networks empower women,speci fically in terms of increasing their bargaining power. Studies suggest that men and women buildand utilize social networks differently, and because the multiple roles that women and women's socialnetworks play it is important to recognize and facilitate networks that can increase household accessto necessary productive resources (Flora 2001). Increased participation by women in social networkscan increase access to resources such as information about employment opportunities or incomeduring economic crisis

publication date

  • 2016