Mapping late leaf spot and rust resistance using an improved consensus map in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) uri icon


  • Late leaf spot and rust are the major biotic stresses in peanut worldwide. An effort was made to map lateleaf spot and rust resistance using the recombinant inbred line populations derived from TAG 24 x GPBD 4and TG 26 x GPBD 4 in peanut. The new genetic maps were developed by mapping a large number ofArachis hypogaea transposable element (AhTE) markers in addition to the previously mapped SSRmarkers. A consensus map was generated based on these two independent maps, which was employed fordetecting the genomic regions governing late leaf spot and rust resistance measured at three stages (70, 80and 90 days after sowing) in 12 seasons. Details of the quantitative trait loci identified from this study willbe disc ussed so as to use them in molecular breeding of peanut for improving late leaf spot and rustresistance

publication date

  • 2015