Adoption of agricultural intensification options for increasing productivity of farmers in semiarid of West Africa uri icon


  • To ensure sustainable increase in agricultural productivities of small holder farmers in West Africa,Agricultural Scientists have developed varieties of component crops. Nutrient management optionscombining inorganic and organic fertilizer in different dosages have been developed. The research institutesare collaborating with extension outfits, development partners and key stakeholders to disseminate thesetechnologies to farmers and provide market and financial linkages. On farm grain and fodder yields advantageof 20 to 50 % were recorded by participating farmers. P fertilizer application on legumes increased yield 26 to 62 %. Increase in plant hill population from 8,889 hills/ha led to corresponding increase in millet yieldby 48 %. Cultivation of improved varieties coupled with fertilizer application and appropriate plant hill population will increase productivities of smallholder farmers in the semi arid West Africa

publication date

  • 2015