Common beans: Benefits for farmers engaging in market-oriented production uri icon


  • In areas like Dororo, in Manica district, Central Mozambique, commercialization of commonbeans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) is one of the most important strategies for farmers to improve theirlivelihoods. Young farmers and women especially invest in common beans as a way to build theirassets and secure their family needs. Engaging in an Innovation Platform (IP), these farmers havelearned that they can benefit more from common beans. Farmers observed how the integration of legume crops (common beans and mucuna) and livestock for soil fertility management through crop rotation, cover crops and manure reduces the dependence on external inputs. Combined with draft power animal management this has increased productivity and production of common beans. The IP has empowered farmers? participation in markets. Farmers became more organized. Increased production and productivity allowed farmers to sell larger volumes in bulk. They now collectively decide at what time they would sell their produce and at what price, expecting 50% higher revenues than what they would get by selling individually. This leaflet illustrates common bean production and market practices generated through demonstrations in the MOREP project. They are useful for farmers in similar environments like in Manica district

publication date

  • 2015