Pearl Millet Improvement for enhanced productivity-strategies and impact uri icon


  • With the continuingdegradation of namral resourcebase, adverse climate change effectson crop production and increasingcrop cultivation cost, there is growingawareness of the s ig nifi cant role ,pearl millet can play in addressing thenational food security. Further, withthe increasing incidence of variousli fe style diseases and emphasis onfood-based solutions, there is a reappraisal of its nutr iti ve valuecontributing to nutriti onal security.Considering the relatively limitedinvestments both from public andprivate sector in pearl milletimprovement in India, and negligiblestrategic resea rch informationgenerated elsewhere) it is pnldent torationalize research priorities in termsof target environments, germplasm tobe used, plant traits to be improved,and cultivar types to be developed, allo f which contribute to enhancedbreeding efficiency and improvedcultivar development

publication date

  • 2015