Representative Agricultural Pathways and Scenarios for Regional Integrated Assessment of Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability, and Adaptation uri icon


  • The global change research community has recognized that new pathway and scenarioconcepts are needed to implement impact and vulnerability assessment whereprecise prediction is not possible, and also that these scenarios need to be logicallyconsistent across local, regional, and global scales (Moss et al., 2008, 2010). Forglobal climate models, representative concentration pathways (RCPs) have beendeveloped that provide a range of time-series of atmospheric greenhouse-gas concentrationsinto the future (Moss et al., 2008, 2010; van Vuuren et al., 2012a). Forimpact and vulnerability assessment, new socio-economic pathway and scenarioconcepts have also been developed (Kriegler, 2012; van Vuuren et al., 2012b), withleadership from the Integrated Assessment Modeling Consortium (IAMC)

publication date

  • 2015