Do floristic composition, plant species abundance and vegetation structure in Sudanian wetlands vary according to conservation status? uri icon


  • In Sahel, wetlands are particularly endangered hence practical knowledge for their sustainablemanagement is needed. The aim of this study was to compare plant community structure betweenprotected and unprotected wetland bank stands in eastern Burkina Faso. Phytosociological anddendrometrical parameters were carrying out in adult trees, seedling individuals and herbaceousspecies. Discrimination of plant communities and diversity indices were calculated for eachgroup. Weibull distribution was used to compare the diameter structures. The results shows that plantcommunities located in riverbanks of unprotected wetlands have a greater specificheterogeneity. Theyare rich inannual speciesand in species with a wide distribution. Finally their woody stands arecharacterized by lower basal areas than unprotected wetland riverbank stands. Plant community standsin riverbanks of protected wetlands were better preserved but some disturbances were noticed.Furthermore, juvenile plants of the two sites were threatened and this may affect in long term, therelative stability of these trees stands as revealed by Weibull distribution. Further study should focuson wetlands riverbanks seedling status in order to propose restoration strategies

publication date

  • 2015