Bhoochetana : A Compendium of Success Stories, Research Report IDC-3 uri icon


  • The Government of Karnataka has upscaled the learnings from the Sujala-ICRISAT initiative toenhance agricultural productivity in the dryland areas of the state by bridging the yield gap betweenfarmers? fields and achievable yields with the help of science-based productivity enhancementinterventions. The mission project on rainfed agriculture called ?Bhoochetana? was launchedby the Government of Karnataka during 2009-10 to benefit dryland farmers in 30 districts. Theprinciple of consortium, convergence, capacity building and collective action as proposed byICRISAT to address the issues of efficiency, economics, equity and environmental protection wasadopted. The consortium partners involved in Bhoochetana are three State Agricultural Universities(UAS, Bangalore; Dharwad; and Raichur;), the Watershed Development Department (WDD), theDepartment of Economics and Statistics (DES), and other line departments of the Government ofKarnataka, ICRISAT and the Department of Agriculture which is the nodal agency for the missionproject. Farm facilitators and Lead farmers have assumed the role of trainers to train large numbersof farmers on collective action and capacity building. During the second and third year, projectactivities were expanded to all 30 districts in addition to the six districts of the Sujala watershedprogram where soil health mapping had already been completed, along with participatory selectionof appropriate cultivars of the major crops. In all 30 districts efforts have been made to collect soilsamples by adopting a stratified soil sampling method and covering a large number of villages

publication date

  • 2015