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  • The challenge of producing more food would be much greater in the coming decadesas the much-needed growth rates of food production is now supported by weakland-resource base with several soil-related production constraints in lesser available.cultivable land area. It is projected that by 2030 India will require a minimum of304 million tons CMt) of foodgrains, 175 Mt of vegetables, 96 Mt of fruits, 170 Mtof milk and 21 Mt of meat, eggs and fish. Climate change in terms of increasednumber of droughts years, reduced number of rainy days, improper distributi~gof rainfall, cyclones, hailstorms and other adverse events, besides several bioticstresses are important challenges to achieve agricultural production and growth.The need of the hour is to (i) refine the existing technologies to meet the needsto contemporary agricultural systems, (ii) cope with the weather aberrations and(iii) meet the demands of diversified food preferences of the Indian population.Some of the technologies are discussed here after, which have the potential toimprove the soil health, protect natural resources such as land and water, safe-guardenvironment, besides offering mechanisms to cope with the weather aberrationsand extreme events

publication date

  • 2015