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  • Seed is the vital input and driver in crop production, as seed quality determines thereturn on investment made on other inputs like fertilizer, irrigation, pesticide, labouretc. A poor seed quality will result in poor return despite best investment on otherfarm inputs, which, implies that utmost attention must be given to the use of qualityseed in crop production. Therefore, every country needs a robust seed production andsupply chain system as one of the key components of sustainable growth in agriculturalproduction. A robust seed production programme is central to providing high qualityseeds of improved hybrids, pure-line cultivars and open-pollinated varieties (OPVs) foragricultural development, and food security. High quality in case of seed refers to highgenetic purity (true to type), high physical purity (freedom from objectionable weeds,other crops? seeds, inert matter etc.) and high seed vigour and germination in additionto freedom from seed-borne diseases

publication date

  • 2015