Effects of cytoplasm fromCajanus cajanifoliuson the performance of pigeonpea hybrids uri icon


  • This research communication reports results of the firststudy on the influence of cytoplasm on the performance ofCMS-based pigeonpea hybrids. In this study two isonuclearlines with diverse cytoplasm were compared in hybrid combinations involving seven inbred fertility restorers. Pusa Ageti-(F) had cultivated pigeonpea cytoplasm, while Pusa Ageti-(A4CMS) carried the cytoplasm of a wild species Cajanus cajanifolius. The trials conducted over two seasons, showed small cytoplasmic effects on the traits studied. For seed yield the hybrids with cultivated cytoplasm were better in performance; however the extent of the superiority of these hybrids varied. The greatest yield penalty of 19.1% due to the cytoplasm of the wild species was recorded in cross involving restorer line R-2364. For other traits no definite trend was observed in favour of any specific cytoplasm. The cytoplasmic effects on the hybrids also appeared to be influenced by genetic variation in the pollinator lines

publication date

  • 2015