The effectiveness and complementarity of field days and small seed packs (SSPs) in delivering Dryland Cereal technologies: A survey of field day participants and agro-vets in Singida and Iramba districts of central Tanzania, Working Paper Series No. 61 uri icon


  • This paper is about the result of a survey done in the 2014-2015 cropping season of field day participantsand agro-vets who were facilitated to market SSPs and SFPs in Singida and Iramba districts of Tanzania. Theobjective of the survey was to determine whether there was any correlation between awareness creation andpreferences reported during field days and the demand for technological inputs from the agro-vets. The resultsshowed a strong complementarity between the dissemination of information on improved technologies duringfield days and the retailing of SSPs and SFPs in agro-vets. The field days help in creating awareness about thebenefits and attributes of available improved sorghum and finger millet varieties and associated agronomicrecommendations; while retailing of the SSPs and SFPs by the agro-vets not only helps promote the demandfor improved technological inputs but also enhances their accessibility as SSPs and SFPs are more affordableto resource poor farmers. Therefore, having field days for awareness creation without improving accessibilityof technological inputs through sale of SSPs and SFPs or vice versa is futile and does not lead to enhancedexperimentation and adoption of improved technologies by target farmers

publication date

  • 2015