Grain Legumes Production, Consumption and Trade Trends in Developing Countries; Working Paper Series No. 60 uri icon


  • Grain legumes play an important nutritional role in the diet of millions of people in the developing countries and are thus sometimes referred to as the poor man?s meat. Since legumes are vital sources of protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals, they form a significant part of the diet of vegetarians since the other food items they consume don?t contain much protein (Latham, 1997). Legumes are multipurpose crops and are consumed either directly as food or in various processed forms or as feed in many farming systems (Gowda et al., 1997). The legume crops are often grown as rotation crops with cereals because of their role in nitrogen fixation. However, over the past few decades, the yields and production of legume crops have been stagnant in the developing countries. Agricultural research and development efforts in many of these countries have concentrated on increasing cereal yields and production and lowering crop losses in order to achieve food security. Due to the diverse roles played by grain legume crops in farming systems and nutritional security, the research on legume crops will have significant impacts on nutritional security and soil fertility, especially in the developing countries

publication date

  • 2015