Identification of AFLP markers linked to Fusarium wilt disease in pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) uri icon


  • An experiment was conducted to identify markers linked to Fusarium wilt disease resistance, Parents namely TTB 7 and ICP 8863 were screened using 151 SSRs markers and 16 AFLP primer combinations. Parental screening revealed five SSR primers and 12 AFLP primer combinations polymorphic between parents. Bulk segregant analysis identified five AFLP primer combinations generating seven markers polymorphic between resistant and susceptible bulks while, none of the SSR markers were polymorphic. This indicates that, these markers are putatively linked to wilt disease. Screening of F2 segregating population of cross TTB 7 x ICP 8863 with these putatively linked markers revealed four markers (E-AAT/M-CTG850, ETCG/M-CTT650, E-TCG/M-CTA730 and E-TCG/M-CTT230) which segregated in 3:1 mendelian pattern. Simple linear regression performed on these four markers had identified two markers namely E-TCG/M-CTT650 and E-TCG/M-CTA730 linked to disease

publication date

  • 2015