Global Perspectives on Groundnut Production, Trade, and Utilization: Constraints and Opportunities uri icon


  • Globally groundnut is the second most important oil crop. Africa and Asia togethercontribute about 91% of the global groundnut production. There exists large variability inproduction and productivity across regions and countries. Several factors contribute to thisvariation in productivity, which in large part probably, could be addressed by developinggreater input- and resource-use efficient cultivars. Concerted efforts are being made todevelop such cultivars which should be popularized to make groundnut production morecompetitive and profitable to farming community. Availability of seeds of improved cultivarsand adoption of integrated crop management technologies together with enabling policyenvironment are expected to accelerate and stabilize production. Groundnut is a wholesomefood, increasingly being used in many parts of the world. Aflatoxin, a serious qualityproblem, adversely impacting both health and trade, should be addressed appropriately.Groundnut exporting countries need to explore new markets and develop new groundnutbasedproducts to revive groundnut economy

publication date

  • 2015