Emerging PPP model in science and technology in India uri icon


  • Knowledge society is the result of various socioeconomic and political aspects such as globalization, emerging technologies, innovations and their management. Various studies have concluded that technology innovation contributes significantly to nation?s productivity, economic growth and standard of living. Technological innovation in a country has been accepted as an integral component of Knowledge Economy Index. Business leaders have also highlighted the role of innovation in national growth, competitiveness and quality of life. Fast moving global technology based business and need of access to proprietary technologies has increased the interest in public?private collaboration. Several new mechanisms for accessing new technologies are evolving. Further, there is an increase in the general understanding of IPR and its importance as a strategic tool. The emerging IP regime is creating new business opportunities and new models in research collaborations. These include new business and legal options to gain access to proprietary technologies through confidential agreements, material transfer agreements, licensing, purchase, and joint ventures.Government influences the overall technical innovation system through supporting innovation in public and private sectors, and through regulation of market operations and industry structures. Active and effective governance also ensures compliance of policies through rules, processes, procedures and specific actions for innovative technologies and their dissemination. Indian government is promoting dissemination of scientific results through involvement of private players for the benefit of society. Public private partnership (PPP) is one of the important mechanisms through which Indian Government is encouraging stakeholder participation and innovation process by promoting various technological interactions and public-private collaborations.The present article is about government policy and programme fostering PPP model in Indian science and technology sector. The objective of this article is to give an overview of on PPP concept in Science and Technology, operating PPP models in Indian technology sector, and emerging legal and IP issues in technology based business and public private collaborations

publication date

  • 2014