Notification of crop varieties and registration of germplasm: Pearl millet variety ?Dhanashakti? uri icon


  • Despite impressive records of economic growth andagricultural production in India, about 80% of thepregnant women, 52% of the non-pregnant women,and 74% of the children in 6-35 months age groupsuffer from iron deficiency. About 52% of the childrenbelow 5 years are zinc deficient. Crop biofortificationis increasingly being recognized as a cost-effectiveand sustainable approach to address this problem.Pearl millet, in general, has higher iron (Fe) and zinc(Zn) contents than other major cereals such as wheat,rice, maize and sorghum. Earlier studies have shownlarge variability for Fe and Zn contents in the breedinglines, hybrid parents, hybrids, improved populationsand germplasm; and also identified ICTP 8203, areleased open-pollinated variety (OPV) undercultivation, having the highest level of Fe content

publication date

  • 2014