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  • With an alarming concern of global climate change and increasingdemand for drought-tolerant cereal staples, pearl millet, a widely exo- geographicallyadopted member of the millet family, has caught the attention for a robust geneticimprovement. This chapter focuses on the various gene transfer technologies, bothhorizontal and vertical, employed so far in pearl millet to improve the strategy ofintrogression of newer traits and validation of gene function through transgenicdevelopment. This chapter also compares the different gene transfer technologiesbased on their exploitation in pearl millet development. It also accounts for thedetails of genes transferred so far, especially for conferring biotic and abiotic stresstolerance, in this crop. This chapter also discusses the future possibilities regardingthe introgression of genes of new traits and technologies already utilized in othermillets, which are hitherto unexploited for pearl millet

publication date

  • 2014