Transgenic Interventions in Peanut Crop Improvement uri icon


  • Legumes rank third in world crop production in which the majorconstraint to crop productivity is attributed to biotic and abioticstress. Peanut, also knows as groundnut (arachis hypogaea L.) is a major oilseed crop in the world, both for oil and as a proteinsource. Host plant resistance provides the most effective andeconomic option to manage stress tolerance in peanut which is also time consuming involving expensive agronomic practices. However, for many biotice and abiotic stresses, effective resistance gene(s)in cultivated peanut have not been identified. Success in breedingfor better adapted varieties to biotic/abiotic stresses depend uponthe combined efforts of various research domains like plant andcell physiology, molecular biology, genetics and breeding. Moreover, availability of known genotypes with natural resistanceto stresses is a prerequisite for the successful breeding program.With a few exceptions, crop improvement in peanut programs throughconventional breeding has received little progress

publication date

  • 2014