Vulnerability to Climate Change: Adaptation Strategies and Layers of Resilience - Climatic Trends in Bangladesh. Research Report No. 10 uri icon


  • This study was conducted as part of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded project ?Vulnerabilityto Climate Change: Adaptation Strategies and layers of resilience?. Long term climatic datasets wereanalyzed for Bangladesh and for specific study locations in the country. The report gives general climaticcharacteristics of the country and trend analysis of important climatic parameters such as temperature,rainfall, etc. Mean annual maximum and minimum temperature showed a rising trend from 1971 to date.During the last decade, there is a reduction in the number of potential rainy days with respect to the 40year normal in the majority of meteorological stations across the country. However, the annual total rainfallshowed an increasing trend in the flood and drought prone areas of the country. The numbers of instancesof extreme events, ie, floods, has been high during the last decade

publication date

  • 2013