Vulnerability to Climate Change: Adaptation Strategies and Layers of Resilience - Quantifying Vulnerability to Climate Change in Bangladesh. Research Report No. 16 uri icon


  • Bangladesh is considered to be one of the countries highly vulnerable to climate change. As part of the ADB funded project, ?Vulnerability to Climate Change, Adaptation Strategies and Layers of Resilience?, analysis of climate change vulnerability using two popular methods was carried out for Bangladesh. A set of indicators defining the three components of vulnerability, ie, exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity were selected considering their functional relationship and their contribution to the vulnerability. The aim of the exercise is to characterize different regions and ecological zones (EZ) of the country in terms of vulnerability related to climate change. From the analysis, we conclude that the majority of the regions are very highly vulnerable to climate change. These regions should receive high priority for channelizing resources such as technologies, finances and developmental programs to enhance their ability to cope with the impacts. Appropriate action should be planned and carried out in advance so as to foresee the anticipated impacts of climate change and the expected vulnerability of the regions and the population

publication date

  • 2013