Sweet sorghum ethanol value chain: Issues and the way forward uri icon


  • The ICRISAT-NAIP-ICAR sub-project on ?Value Chain Model for BioethanolProduction from Sweet Sorghum in Rainfed Areas through Collective Actionand Partnership? focused on developing and establishing sustanable bioethanolvalue chain models by addressing issues involved along the value chaincomponents. The sweet sorghum value chain encompasses sweet sorghumproduction and transportation of stalks distillery or crushing unit, crushingstalks for juice extraction, syrup production from juice, ethanol productionfrom juice and or syrup, ethanol blending with gasoline and utilization ofthe by-products, bagasse, vinasse, etc. For successful implementation ofthe value chain models, based on the core competencies, a consortium ofpartners involving public sector research and development organizations(ICRISAT, DSR, IICT, CRIDA, ILRI and SVVU) and private sector ethanoldistillery (Rusni Distilleries Ltd.) was formed with ICRISAT as consortiumlead. Aakruthi Agricultural Associates of India (AAI), an NGO, was engaged toassist in implementation of the project activities that relate to mobilization offarmers and their capacity building in cluster villages. This unique consortiumof private-public-people-partnership (PPPP) was in place to help reach thegoals by harnessing the synergies of the partners. The information presentedin the previous sections is based on the results obtained from implementationof the project work plans from 2008 to 2012. This chapter describes majorissues encountered during implementation of the work plans, the issuesrelated to sustaining the sweet sorghum based ethanol value chain in thestate of Andhra Pradesh, India, and the way forward

publication date

  • 2013