SWOT analysis of sweet sorghum ethanol value chain uri icon


  • In recent years there is considerable debate on alternative feedstocks forbioethanol production to meet the mandated blending requirements with fossilfuels (petrol). Worldwide, a number of feedstocks ranging from cereal grains tosugarcane juice to molasses (obtained from conversion of cane juice to sugar)are commonly being used. However, these feedstocks are being criticallyexamined for their role in increasing food costs and compromising on foodsecurity. Sweet sorghum has emerged as an alternative crop whose stalksare converted into juice for ethanol production. Two models for conversionof sweet sorghum into ethanol have been pilot tested, ie., a centralizedmodel (stalks supplied directly to the distillery for ethanol production) and adecentralized model where the syrup produced at village level is supplied todistillery for ethanol production. A number issues and strengths in using sweetsorghum as an alternative feedstock have emerged

publication date

  • 2013