Economics of sweet sorghum feedstock production for bioethanol uri icon


  • Sweet sorghum is similar to grain sorghum but possesses sugar-rich stalks,with higher juice content. Because of its rapid growth, high sugar accumulation,high biomass production potential and wider adapt ability, sweet sorghum canbe grown in different agro-climatic conditions. The sugar content in the juiceextracted from sweet sorghum varies from 16-23% Brix. It has good potentialfor jaggery and syrup production besides ethanol. The grain can be usedas food and the bagasse after extraction of juice from stalks is an excellentlivestock feed. The potential food vs. fuel conflict from the diversion of cropland for cultivation of ?bioethanol? crops does not arise with sweet sorghum asit meets the multiple requirements the food, fuel and fodder

publication date

  • 2013