Models for sweet sorghum feedstock management for ethanol uri icon


  • Technological change, competition and globalization are leading to arestructuring of agri-business research and development processes andstrategies across the world. Technology transfer is not simply copyingtechnologies passively from others, but an active and creative processof adaptation that recognizes indigenous capabilities. The establishmentof small-scale industries in rural areas will help in reducing poverty andunemployment. At the same time, it is an efficient way of preventing migrationfrom the rural areas to urban by creating new employment opportunities in thevillages. The majority of rural populations in developing countries and leastdeveloped countries are lacking agro based small-scale enterprises that givejudicious income to farmers through value addition to their agri-produce. Whatis needed is a fresh and comprehensive approach, integrating crop productionenhancement and value addition of the produce through village-based agroindustries,involving farmers as stakeholders in processing their own produce

publication date

  • 2013