Sweet sorghum growing domains: Potential for up-scaling uri icon


  • Sweet sorghum cultivation as part of the NAIP-ICAR sub-project on the sweetsorghum to ethanol value chain was being pilot tested in Medak district ofAndhra Pradesh (Map 1). Preliminary analysis of farm-level data from theproject sites indicate that sweet sorghum is a commercially viable crop andis able to compete with other dryland crops such as grain sorghum, sorghumand pigeonpea intercrop and maize. One of the challenges before and afterthe completion of the project is up-scaling of sweet sorghum productionto larger areas to make a viable alternative complement as feedstock forethanol production. In this chapter we examine potential areas where sweetsorghum cultivation can be taken up in India. This is of course, subject to theestablishment of a distillery in close proximity (50-100 kms from the farms)

publication date

  • 2013