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  • Chickpea is an important protein-rich crop with considerable diversity present among 44 annual Cicer species. A large collection of chickpea germplasm including wild Cicer species has been conserved in different gene banks globally. However, the effective and efficient utilization of these resources is required to develop new cultivars with a broad genetic base. Using core and mini-core collections, chickpea researchers have identified diverse germplasm possessing various beneficial traits that are now being used in chickpea breeding. Further, for chickpea improvement, the genus Cicer harbours alleles/genes for tolerance/resistance to various abiotic and biotic stresses as well as for agronomic and nutrition-related traits. Recent advances in plant biotechnology have resulted in developing large number of markers specific to chickpea in addition to technological breakthrough in developing high-throughput genotyping platforms for unlocking the genetic potential available in germplasm collections

publication date

  • 2013