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  • A scientific paper is written to describe the original researchresults obtained in laboratory, greenhouse and or field studies.A division of the paper into various logical sections and thestyle of presentation are guided by the journal to which thearticle is intended. Even so, the paper has a title, abstract/summary, keywords, introduction, materials and methods, resultsand discussion and conclusion (take home message). A paper iswritten with one or more clear messages presented in aconvincing manner with the aid of clear evidence in the form ofresults presented in the tables and or figures.It is a good idea as it helps and even pays to identify theresults to be included as tables and or figures in the paper beforestarting to write the paper. Not all results generated during thestudy need to be included in the paper. Only those results thatmake a story need to form a part of the article.All the sections or parts of the paper should be presented ina logical, cohesive and connected manner such that the textmatter flows smoothly. The article preferably, should be writtenin active voice; and the use of jargons and excessive acronymsshould be avoided. The paper should be written in a simplelanguage

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  • 2013