BHOOCHETANA: Innovative Institutional Partnerships to BoostProductivity of Rainfed Agriculture in Karnataka, India (Research Report No. 59) uri icon


  • Although there has been a considerable development in public-private partnership in developingcountries, there are very few examples of multi-institutional partnership for transferring agriculturaltechnologies to smallholders. This paper discusses the example of innovative partnership inKarnataka, where the consortium of state and non-state actors helping to transform subsistencedryland agriculture into a sustainable business model through promoting pro-poor agriculturaltechnologies for bridging the yield gaps. The paper demonstrated the usefulness of the partnershipconcept in guiding investments to support the development of agricultural technology and helpingto halve the poverty. It also shows effective convergence of funds and various schemes of federaland state governments besides utilizing semi-skilled manpower as local extension agents. The paperconcludes that with a strong partnership between global scientific organizations and state and nonstateactors can offer a route to equitable growth in developing countries. This approach has enabledscale-up of this program to neighboring two states of South India

publication date

  • 2013