Baseline Scenario of Rainy Season Pearl Millet Economy in Gujarat - Working Paper Series No. 41 uri icon


  • Gujarat state is one of the most important pearl millet producing states where it is consumed as staple food supporting poor smallholders and livestock in the harsh agroclimatic region. Currently, the productivity levels are relatively low due to limited adoption of dryland technologies by the poor. The Harnessing Opportunities for Productivity Enhancement (HOPE) project aimed at increasing the productivity of pearl millet by 35-40% over the base level. In this regard, the baseline survey was carried out in the primary project intervention area (HOPE) where improved technologies have been introduced andin matching control villages with comparable agro-ecological and market conditions in thenon-intervention area (non-HOPE), where improved technologies have not been used. The objective of the baseline survey was to appraise the existing situation of the targeted clusters Radhanpur and Tharad with respect to adoption of technologies, productivity, income, yield gaps and other socioeconomic issues

publication date

  • 2013