Pulses Production Scenario: Policy and Technological Options(Policy Brief No. 26) uri icon


  • Historically, India is the largest producer, consumerand importer of pulses. Although it is the world?slargest pulses producer, there is still a huge shortageof pulses and also, the prices are not affordable toa large section of consumers. An immediate needis the development and dissemination of low-costtechnologies in pulses production, so that they canbe affordable to the common man. Even thoughpulses production increased by 3.35% per annumduring the last decade, the cost of production andconsequent prices are too high to be affordable to thecommon man; to increase production at lower costis a bigger challenge. The earlier experience showsthat technological efforts need to be supported bythe right policy environment to harvest fruits of R&Din agriculture (Reddy 2009). Still, the productivity ofpulses in India is low at 694 kg/ha, and to make pulsesproduction internationally competitive, the averageyield levels need to be increased to at least 1ton/ha

publication date

  • 2013