Mainstreaming Grassroots Level Adaptation and Building Climate Resilient Agriculture in Thailand uri icon


  • Climate change is becoming severe and has had anegative impact on agriculture and farmers? livelihoodsin Thailand. The climate change impacts on crop yieldpossibly leads to food insecurity globally. Scientistshave projected a major climate change in the middleof the 21st century (2045-2065). The average monthlymaximum temperature in Thailand is expected toincrease by 3-4ºC and monthly minimum temperatureis expected to increase by more than 4ºC throughoutthe country (Chinvanno 2010). The regions, ie, theNortheast, Central and the Northern, received lessthan 1,200 mm annual rainfall (1970-2005) and it isthe driest area of the country. Agriculture in Thailandis already impacted by frequent drought or dry spells,flood, unpredictable rainfall and heat waves

publication date

  • 2013