Success Stories of Hybrid Pigeonpea in India uri icon


  • The hybrid pigeonpea is now being popularized in parts of India because of enhancement in the yields.The promising hybrids are ICPH 2671, ICPH 2740 and ICPH 3762. Of these, ICPH 2671 was releasedas ?Pushkal? by seed company in 2008 and later in December, 2010 as ?RV ICPH 2671? by State VarietyRelease Committe, Madhya Pradesh. The other two promising hybrids are under fi nal stage of testing.The yield enhancement recorded in hybrids were between 25 to 30% in farmers? fi elds. These hybridsare resistant to both wilt and sterility mosaic diseases. More than 2000 on-farm trials were conductedin the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. The hybridshave shown high yields under both pure as well as inter-crop conditions. In some on-farm trials hybridshave yielded more than 40 q/ha suggesting a possible breakthrough in the productivity of pigeonpea

publication date

  • 2012