Chickpea: Linking soil fertility and market demand in Ethiopia (ICRISAT Eastern and Southern Africa 2011 Highlights) uri icon


  • Ethiopia is ancient and enduring but recentlymajor landscape scale changes are transformingthe face of the country. ?Three years ago, whenyou drove past, the countryside did not look likethis. All these darker brown squares are wherechickpea has been harvested,? explains TsedekeAbate, Scientist at ICRISAT-Nairobi. ?You canreally see how much acreage is being devoted tochickpea today. Ten years ago this was all mostlyteff . ?Teff , a small-grain cereal, is the primaryingredient of injera ? the bread that accompaniesalmost every Ethiopian meal. ?What we are seeingis a shift from cereals to legumes on a large scaleand it is the market that is responsible for this,?Abate says

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  • 2012