Within-line Genetic Variation for Quantitative Characters and SSRs in Long-time Maintained Inbreds in Pearl Millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.) uri icon


  • Six maintainer (B-) and restorer (R-) lines each from ICRISAT?s pearl millet hybrid parental line breeding program were investigated for within-line genetic variation for quantitative characters and simple sequence repeats (SSRs). Thirty two progenies of each inbred line were evaluated under two contrasting seasons and observed for 5 quantitative characters, and for 20 SSRs. Some B- and R- lines had small but significant within-line genetic variation for certain traits. Higher number of significant differences for within-line variation observed among progenies for B-lines (48%) than for R-lines (33%) indicated that ear-to-row procedure of line maintenance was more effective than bulking the phenotypically similar plants, for maintaining the genetic uniformity in inbreds. Amongst B-lines, ?ICMB 89111? had the maximum within-line variation for both quantitative characters and SSR markers. Amongst R-lines, ?IPC 802? and ?IPC 909? had within-line variation for maximum of 4 quantitative characters. Wide range of variability was observed for all the characters in both B- and R- lines, but genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV) was very low. SSRs were able to detect low level of residual heterozygosity in some of the inbreds

publication date

  • 2012