Handbook of Pigeonpea Diseases (Revised). Information Bulletin No. 42 uri icon


  • Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) is one of the most important grainlegume components of subsistence farming systems in the semi-aridtropics. Many fungi, viruses, nematodes, bacteria, and mycoplasmalikeorganisms attack pigeonpea, but only a few of these are importantconstraints to pigeonpea production. This bulletin provides informationon the causal agents, distribution, economic importance, symptoms,epidemiology, and management of major diseases of pigeonpea. Thetext is supplemented with color photographs of disease symptoms and adiagnostic key is included to facilitate identification. Information providedon control measures includes the use of resistant varieties, culturalpractices and chemicals. Supporting literature on the major diseasesis listed

publication date

  • 2012