A Review of the National Biofuel Policy in India: A critique of the Need to Promote Alternative Feedstocks. Working Paper Series no. 34 uri icon


  • Energy is a critical input for economic growth and sustainable development in both developedand developing countries. The world?s energy requirement for transportation is met from nonrenewablefossil fuels. The sharp rise in crude oil prices from US$20 a barrel in 2002 to almostUS$100 (even touching US$140 before stabilizing at around US$80) has forced nations toseriously consider alternative energy sources that are renewable and non-polluting. In the faceof shrinking supplies and rising demand, oil prices are expected to continue to rise. In addition,growing concerns about human-induced climate change, as evidenced by rising temperaturesand environmental pollution, are further driving the impetus for non-polluting energy sources. Onesuch source is ethanol from plant biomass/grain and biodiesel from processing edible and nonediblevegetable oils

publication date

  • 2012