Can Agronomy provide potential eco- friendly pest management options groundnut: a case study uri icon


  • Agronomic practices in agriculture have wellestablishedhistory about their role in insect-pestmanagement. There have been several case studiesdocumenting their positive role as pest reducers, During this process the importance of improvedtechnology including, chemical fertilizers, hybrids, plantprotection chemicals has been well established. Theresults from this phase were excellent and severalcountries have achieved self-sufficiency in food grainsincl4ding India. Though this approach brought stabilityin food production across the world, severaldisadvantages such as residues in food chain, secondarypest out breaks, loss in bio- diversity followed byincreased cost of inputs with eroded profits (Rao andRao, 2010) were encountered. Considering the presentsituation to put agriculture back in to a profitableplatform, one has to look into potential alternatives toimprove and stabilize the productivity and to sustainthe agro"ecosystem

publication date

  • 2012