Cytoplasmic male sterile systems in pigeonpea with special reference to A7 CMS uri icon


  • Compared to the cereals and vegetable crops, cytoplasmic male sterility is comparatively a new system available to pigeonpea breeders to exploit heterosis/hybrid vigor. It has been possible to develop a CMS system for pigeonpea as cross pollination is possible in this crop. Various CMS systems have been developed for pigeonpea utilizing different wild relatives from different gene pools. CMS based hybrids developed from A4 system have recorded superiority in yields compared to the checks on farmer's fields. This has opened up a new window for yield improvement in pigeonpea. The paper discusses different CMS systems available for pigeonpea in general and the A7 system which was developed utilizing Cajanus platycarpus, in particular

publication date

  • 2012